About SmartPad

Why are they called SmartPads?

Our SmartPad System represents a significant advancement in the field of pipe corrosion protection, building upon the conventional practice of using epoxied-on FRP wear “pads.” The name “SmartPad” reflects the innovation and enhanced capabilities it offers. The SmartPad introduces a range of design improvements that sets it apart. Notably, it enables rapid installation, effortless removal, […]

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What is the SmartPad System made of?

The system comprises an FRP exoskeleton constructed from layers of continuous strand mat that are meticulously impregnated and saturated with premium vinyl ester resin. The Hydroseal gasket exhibits a closed-cell structure akin to a memory-foam mattress, forming an effective seal that shields the pad/pipe interface from moisture infiltration. The SmartBands consist of heavy-duty, continuous strand

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Are SmartPads the same as FRP wear pads?

The SmartPad exoskeleton shares the same material composition and shape as traditional epoxied-on FRP wear pads. Nonetheless, the entire system distinguishes itself by delivering significantly enhanced advantages in terms of installation ease, effortless removal, and the capability to facilitate visual inspections for external corrosion, all without the risk of faulty installations or the use of

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