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RedLineIPS SmartPad System

The SmartPad System is the culmination of extensive development efforts initiated around 2013. It was born out of the recognition of the limitations inherent in all alternative solutions, especially the epoxied-on version of the FRP wear pads. The SmartPads themselves are crafted from the same dependable materials and tried-and-true manufacturing processes of the FRP pads, featuring layers of continuous strand mat impregnated with high-quality vinyl ester resin. This lineage underscores the SmartPads’ reliability and durability, with decades of proven use to substantiate their effectiveness.

an image of a section of industrial pipe with a smartpad attached and a smart tool attached, positioned to tighten the bands to the pipe, with system components in front

The system as a whole incorporates pre-existing components, each boasting a well-established history, technical specifications, and extensive testing conducted by their respective manufacturers. This track record has instilled confidence in early adopters, motivating them to embrace the system’s design and anticipated performance parameters.

Early adopters encompass a diverse array of entities, spanning aging facilities to brand-new offshore platforms, primarily concentrated in or near the Gulf of Mexico. The SmartPads are specifically tailored to cater to the needs of coastal and offshore platforms, along with facilities exposed to a high risk of corrosion due to environmental or manufacturing factors. Prominent early adopters, as of 2023, include industry leaders such as Chevron, Formosa Plastics, and Nutrien. Click here to learn more about the SmartPad System operation.

RedLineIPS Product Line

RedLineIPS, or “RedLine Industrial Products & Services”, is a product and service brand developed by Cogbill Construction LLC, located in Texas USA. It is designed to meet the specialized requirements of both pipe fabricators and their clients in the petrochemical and gas industries for robust metallic and non-metallic piping products and accessories capable of withstanding the harsh and corrosive conditions prevalent in coastal regions and offshore facilities. RedLineIPS offers various services to such customers, including design, modification, installation, consulting, and training, among others.

an image of a collage of products manufactured by RedLineIPS by Cogbill, some of the products include pipe shoes, FRP flat pads, FRP wear pads and components, smartpads and components, plastic rods, and pipe clamps

The overarching goal of these enduring and customized products and services is to enhance the performance and durability of industrial piping systems. These heavy-duty products encompass a wide range of piping products, supports, accessories, liners, and more. It’s important, however, to note that RedLineIPS products do not encompass pipe fabrication work.

These RedLineIPS brand of products can be constructed from a wide range of materials, including metallic materials such as steel, aluminum, and exotic alloys, as well as composite materials such as FRP, PTFE, Fabreeka, EPDM, and numerous other rubber- and plastic-like materials used in the piping industry to safeguard against external corrosion, vibration, noise, corrosive chemicals, electrical discharge, and other factors.

an image of a collage of products manufactured by RedLineIPS by Cogbill, some of the products include pipe supports, shimblocks, pipe clamps, pipe hangers and accessories, paddle blinds, pipe shoes, pipe spools, and strainers

RedlineIPS Products

Cogbill Construction, LLC

Cogbill Construction, LLC, established in 1999, was founded with the primary objective of providing the petrochemical industry and major construction companies operating locally with a comprehensive suite of industrial services. These services encompassed a wide range of offerings, including custom metal fabrication services, plant shutdown and field mechanical services, and industrial construction services.

Over time, Cogbill Construction cultivated a well-earned reputation for delivering top-notch products, adhering to punctual delivery schedules, and providing exceptional customer service. This commitment to excellence led the company to expand its operations, offering its metal fabrication products and services on a national scale.

This expansion was driven by a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction and a relentless pursuit of world-class certifications. Cogbill Construction secured certifications from esteemed organizations such as ASME, AISC, AWS, ISNetworld, Avetta, and others. Additionally, the implementation of various Lean Manufacturing methodologies, including 5S, Kanban systems, the Visual Workplace, and PDCA cycles, among others, played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the company. These efforts collectively enhanced quality, efficiency, safety, and the ability to meet delivery deadlines, all to the benefit of Cogbill’s nationwide customer base.

By 2010, a strategic shift began to take shape, focusing on the piping supports and accessories sector. This encompassed solution made from metallic materials, composite materials like fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), and various rubber-like materials. The culmination of these endeavors gave rise to the RedLineIPS brand of piping products, aimed at bolstering support for customers grappling with corrosion and vibration issues in their piping systems. These challenges were particularly pronounced in the Gulf of Mexico region, where Cogbill Construction is headquartered, but extended to industrial customers across the nation, and worldwide. At present, the flagship product within Cogbill Construction’s FRP product portfolio is the RedLineIPS SmartPad System. This innovative solution, developed in-house, serves to safeguard piping systems from external corrosion at pipe support points, a condition commonly referred to as “Corrosion Under Pipe Supports (CUPS).” The result of a decade of dedicated development efforts, this patent-pending FRP wear pad system, which requires no epoxy or welding, is gaining traction among major refineries and chemical plants globally. It plays a vital role in protecting piping systems and entire facilities from the corrosive effects of CUPS.

Cogbill's Future

Cogbill Construction’s journey remains on a consistent upward trajectory, marked by continuous expansion and the integration of comprehensive products and services. These offerings are presented as turnkey solutions, catering to clientele on both local and national scales. Simultaneously, the company is reaching out to a global clientele, extending the influence of its “MADE IN USA” quality bespoke products and manufacturing proficiency to an international stage. This transformation serves as a testament to Cogbill Construction’s unwavering dedication to providing excellence and pioneering advancements within the industrial domain.

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