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Our SmartPad System represents a significant advancement in the field of pipe corrosion protection, building upon the conventional practice of using epoxied-on FRP wear “pads.” The name “SmartPad” reflects the innovation and enhanced capabilities it offers.

The SmartPad introduces a range of design improvements that sets it apart. Notably, it enables rapid installation, effortless removal, and swift reinstallation, all in a matter of seconds. This quick process facilitates easy visual inspections for corrosion and allows for the reusability of SmartPads. They can also be applied to pipes with uneven surfaces resulting from previous corrosion treatment. All these features are just a few of the many advantages this system provides.

Furthermore, we’re excited to share that we have plans to integrate various sensor types into the SmartPad System. This development holds the promise of even greater capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for pipeline protection and maintenance. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting advancement.

The system comprises an FRP exoskeleton constructed from layers of continuous strand mat that are meticulously impregnated and saturated with premium vinyl ester resin. The Hydroseal gasket exhibits a closed-cell structure akin to a memory-foam mattress, forming an effective seal that shields the pad/pipe interface from moisture infiltration. The SmartBands consist of heavy-duty, continuous strand fiber-reinforced FRP straps. The SmartTool, a specially engineered device, possesses the capability to exert substantial mechanical force effortlessly and efficiently.

All components of the SmartPad System have a well-established presence in the market, boasting extensive histories of study, testing, validation, and revalidation by their respective manufacturers and independent laboratories. These components have been scrutinized and proven over many years, even decades, contributing to a robust foundation of technical data and a history of reliable performance.

The SmartPad is designed to fit a broad spectrum of standard piping sizes. As such, we offer standard sizes ranging from ½” pipe size to 72″. For non-standard sizes, we are more than willing to consider and address these requirements on a case-by-case basis, ensuring tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Yes. In general, the relevant dimensions are:

  • Nominal pipe size
  • Pad length
  • Pad thickness
  • Angle of coverage

Any of these dimensions can be customized per your specific needs. Refer to our SmartPad ordering form for more details.

The SmartPad exoskeleton shares the same material composition and shape as traditional epoxied-on FRP wear pads. Nonetheless, the entire system distinguishes itself by delivering significantly enhanced advantages in terms of installation ease, effortless removal, and the capability to facilitate visual inspections for external corrosion, all without the risk of faulty installations or the use of messy epoxy. Click here to find out more.

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