Why are they called SmartPads?

Our SmartPad System represents a significant advancement in the field of pipe corrosion protection, building upon the conventional practice of using epoxied-on FRP wear “pads.” The name “SmartPad” reflects the innovation and enhanced capabilities it offers.

The SmartPad introduces a range of design improvements that sets it apart. Notably, it enables rapid installation, effortless removal, and swift reinstallation, all in a matter of seconds. This quick process facilitates easy visual inspections for corrosion and allows for the reusability of SmartPads. They can also be applied to pipes with uneven surfaces resulting from previous corrosion treatment. All these features are just a few of the many advantages this system provides.

Furthermore, we’re excited to share that we have plans to integrate various sensor types into the SmartPad System. This development holds the promise of even greater capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for pipeline protection and maintenance. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting advancement.