What is the SmartPad System made of?

The system comprises an FRP exoskeleton constructed from layers of continuous strand mat that are meticulously impregnated and saturated with premium vinyl ester resin. The Hydroseal gasket exhibits a closed-cell structure akin to a memory-foam mattress, forming an effective seal that shields the pad/pipe interface from moisture infiltration. The SmartBands consist of heavy-duty, continuous strand fiber-reinforced FRP straps. The SmartTool, a specially engineered device, possesses the capability to exert substantial mechanical force effortlessly and efficiently.

All components of the SmartPad System have a well-established presence in the market, boasting extensive histories of study, testing, validation, and revalidation by their respective manufacturers and independent laboratories. These components have been scrutinized and proven over many years, even decades, contributing to a robust foundation of technical data and a history of reliable performance.