Can a SmartPad be applied to pipes previously treated for corrosion, including those with uneven surfaces?

Absolutely. Each SmartPad features a closed-cell Hydroseal gasket preinstalled on its inner surface. This flexible gasket has a texture akin to a sponge or cushion, effectively functioning as a “memory foam mattress” for pipes. When a SmartPad is positioned beneath a pipe and the bands are tightened, the gasket compresses, molding itself to the contours of hills and pits. It adeptly covers the hills and fills the pits, forming a seamless seal between the pad and the pipe surface. This robust seal provides protection against contaminants, including water molecules and other substances that encourage corrosion, such as oxygen. As a result, they are equally proficient in safeguarding both older pipes that have undergone corrosion treatment and brand-new piping installations.