Does the SmartBand exhibit a significant differential in thermal expansion coefficient compared to steel pipes during thermal cycling, given that plastics typically expand more than metal? Can it maintain its integrity in the face of temperature fluctuations?

SmartBands are crafted from a composite material that combines polymers with glass fiber strands. Remarkably, the glass strands possess a coefficient of thermal expansion quite similar to that of steel. Therefore, unless the bands have exceeded their Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) and are broken, they expand and contract at a rate akin to the steel they are clamped onto. Consequently, SmartBands effectively maintain their integrity even when subjected to temperature fluctuations.

Furthermore, the bands possess an elastic property that allows us to utilize roughly 0.7% of the allowable stretch during installation (remaining well below the 2% elastic limit). This ensures constant tension throughout the System’s service life, offering reliable performance in various thermal cycling applications.