Will the SmartPads slide off their designated location and leave the pipe unprotected?

In most SmartPad installations, the pipes are positioned horizontally on a support structure, leveraging the combined influence of the pipe’s weight, its contents, the force of gravity, and inherent friction, to firmly secure the pads in place. Additionally, each pad benefits from approximately 1,000 pounds of tension, thanks to the SmartBands’ tensioning (with a minimum of 500 pounds per band), further reinforcing their stability.

Moreover, the underside of the SmartPad, in direct contact with the support structure, is composed of FRP composite material boasting a Coefficient of Friction (CoF) of 0.2 or less. The saddle shape of the pad minimizes the contact surface between the pad and the support structure compared to the contact surface between the pad and the pipe, which have a much higher CoF. Consequently, when the pipe undergoes unplanned movement, the SmartPad smoothly glides over the steel support, remaining securely attached to the pipe, thanks to the lower CoF and the smaller footprint of the FRP pad in relation to the steel.

Furthermore, the pads feature sloped edges on each end that aid in their repositioning to their original location once the factors causing the movement are no longer in play. Lastly, even in the event of a significant disturbance that prompts pad displacement, they can be effortlessly removed and reinstalled in the correct location.